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* This page is used to display offending users. T2U don't want to see anyone in this list, That's not a good thing. Usually, our checks on users are relatively loose, We can tolerate users who make mistakes occasionally,But we will strictly punish users who violate the rules many times.
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UID/UsernameDurationUnlock TimeReason
xbh****1小时2021-02-28 01:41:33违规头像
kkayy****12小时2021-02-22 21:57:05违规头像
laow****1小时2021-02-21 10:35:58复制/重复发言
io****1小时2021-02-20 16:40:25复制/重复发言
fyq****1小时2021-02-20 11:07:38复制/重复发言
twt****1小时2021-02-16 21:04:10复制/重复发言
qwer****1小时2021-02-12 16:53:08复制/重复发言
HJJ44437****1小时2021-02-12 14:07:53复制/重复发言
h8688****1天2021-02-11 21:05:46复制/重复发言,二次警告
lx****1小时2021-02-10 17:22:11恶意灌水
lo****1小时2021-02-09 19:54:48复制/重复发言
vbj****1小时2021-02-07 00:51:05复制/重复发言
pia****12小时2021-02-03 06:29:37违规头像
je****1天2021-02-02 13:15:37复制/重复发言,二次警告
Wizard_Sa****2小时2021-02-01 23:33:34恶意灌水
au****1小时2021-01-31 21:39:00恶意灌水
Na****1小时2021-01-31 16:45:09复制/重复发言
amadma****1小时2021-01-30 18:58:18违规头像
yw89800****3天2021-01-29 05:02:12恶意灌水
daniel****1小时2021-01-28 22:54:45复制/重复发言
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